Regarding the minimum and maximum amounts, we have some recommendations to consider. Setting at least a $10 minimum is beneficial for two reasons. First, credit card donations have payment gateway fees which are costlier at smaller donation amounts. For example, 2.9% + $0.30 of a $5.00 donation is $0.45 total, which is 8.9% of the entire donation. That same rate for a $10 donation is already only 5.9% of that donation, and only 4.1% of a $25 donation. Being smart about your minimum donation amount is recommended.

Additionally, a higher minimum helps prevent against credit card SPAM attempts. Credit Card thieves will often test credit card numbers they’ve stolen on online forms that have low or no minimum amounts. Forcing a minimum helps prevent that. Read more about how GiveWP can help you prevent that on your forms here.

Regarding maximum amounts, you also want to consider how drastically the credit card fees will impact that donation. For example, if a donor wants to donate $5,000, while the total percent taken out is low it still represents $145.30 which could go to your cause instead. We recommend you add wording above your form requesting that donors who want to donate more than $1,000 use your Offline Donations gateway to mail checks instead.